Husband Snatcher: Nigerian Lady Seeks Deliverance From Breaking ‘Happy’ Homes



Husband Snatcher

A lady has come out to claim she is a husband snatcher.

The lady identified simply as Sandra on the social media platform, Twitter made the shocking revelation.

According to the self-acclaimed husband snatcher, she is seeking for deliverance to desist from breaking homes.

She said that she can not stop stealing men from their wives but she does lose interest in a man the moment he leaves his partner for her and she thinks it’s a problem that requires a therapist.

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Sandra said;

I have a very big problem. Is there any therapist in the house cos I think my problem is not ordinary. I like stealing men. I get turned on easily when I am sleeping with another woman’s man. Be is husband or boyfriend. My girlfriends hated me for it.

But immediately the guy decides to breakup with his girlfriend so that we can fully go into relationship, I will loose interest in the relationship and opt out. I have slept with all my friends and classmates boyfriend. Immediately see your boyfriend or husband, that desire to sleep with him will come up.

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She continued,

One of my girls caught her boyfriend cheating on her with me, she broke up with him. D guy begged for us to go into full time relationship and stop d hide and seek. I lost interest immediately and I moved on. If a single guy came for a relationship. Immediately you told me you are single, I won’t date you. Is anybody in d same shoes with me?

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