Jandor: I Will Convert ‘Area Boys’ To Positive Tools In Lagos


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The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Abdul-Azeez Adediran also known as Jandor has promised to convert street louts popularly known as ‘area boys’ in the state into positive tools.

He said doing this will help to improve security around corridors where there are garages and the whole state at large.

Jandor said this during ThePlatform debate for Lagos governorship candidates on Sunday.

He revealed;

I have said it over and over again; I can convert them (area boys) to be tools but a positive one for that matter, especially the ones we handed our motor parks to in the name of garage. You will observe that whenever there is traffic in that corridor you will see people going to rob our people within that corridor.

So, I will say to whomever that is in charge of that garage that the day I see anybody robbing people in this corridor that is the day I am going to take the garage away from you. You will see that they will sit up because they are making money in that garage, they wouldn’t want to lose that. That is one tool we can convert them to.

The PDP candidate also said that he will introduce what he called intelligentsia community policing. He said that this will help the government to get information from people from every corner of the state and take action on them to prevent security breakdowns.

Jandor noted that the best way to tackle insecurity in the state is to go preventive as against running after the criminals when crimes happen. He added that with the right information at the right time, the government can always step in to prevent any form of insecurity.


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