Siblings Laud Mum After She Stabbed Pedophile Who Abused Them



Siblings Laud Mum After She Stabbed Pedophile Who Abused Them (Photo Credit: DailyMail.Co.UK)

Three siblings have applauded their mother for stabbing a pedophile who assaulted them in 2014.

According to reports gathered, Sarah Sands stabbed the pedophile, Michael Pleasted eighth times in 2014.

Three brothers attacked by a pedophile who changed his identity to hide his 24 child abuse convictions today admitted that they are ‘glad’ he is dead after their mother killed him to protect them and other children.

Single mother Sarah Sands drank two bottles of wine and went to the home of Michael Pleasted, 77, in a neighboring block of flats in east London and stabbed him eight times in 2014.

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Mrs Sands‘s brave sons have all turned 18 and waived their right to anonymity to support their mother, who is out of prison after four years and now campaigning for a tightening of the rules on sex offenders being allowed to change their names.

One of her boys, Bradley, admitted that he had immediately thought ‘hats off’ to his mother when he learned she had stabbed Pleasted to death. His twin siblings said they felt ‘safer’ after he was killed. Reece, then aged 11, said it was ‘nice knowing that he was dead’.

In an extraordinary new BBC documentary, called Killing my Children’s Abuser, the boys were asked if they were happy Pleasted had died.

They replied immediately, and in unison: ‘Oh yeah, definitely‘.

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Reece added:

What were they doing letting him out on bail? What would make you think that he’s not going to think: “I know I’m going to get caught. I know I’m going to do time. Let me get four or five more kids

Mrs Sands was also filmed sobbing outside the flat where she stabbed her victim, saying: ‘He took everything from me. Still to this day there are no words to describe how it eats you up from the inside. He ripped my family apart.

He ruined my life and he tried to take away the most precious thing in my life. Those babies, they are not going to wake up one day and this hasn’t happened. I’m never going to be able to take it away from them when they’re screaming in the night.

I couldn’t tell them it was a dream – because it wasn’t – he was our living nightmare.


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