Nigerian Recounts Underwhelming Experience With Fellow Countrymen In Dubai



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A Nigerian Twitter user identified as Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo has taken to the social media platform to recount his experience with his fellow countrymen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to the narrator, “Nigerians are the cause of their own atrocities“. In his lengthy thread, he recounted how Nigerians always aim to take advantage of tourists.

Speaking via the social media platform, his experience revealed that most Nigerians would take advantage of those who do not have adequate knowledge about a certain location or environment.

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Writing on Twitter, the opening part of his post revealed that the narrator met two Yoruba-speaking vendors at a mall during his vacation in Dubai.

He explained that they made attempt to swindle him because they didn’t know he was a Nigerian.

He wrote;

I went to Dubai earlier this year, I left Nigeria with only my backpack
My intention was to buy travel bags in Dubai and shop for the few things I would need over there
I got to the mall, the shop where they sell travel bags was manned by Nigerians
Two Yoruba speaking guys

Read his thread below;

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Experience With Nigerian Woman

The Twitter user did not stop there, he shared his experience with a female vendor who was into skincare business.

During his discourse with the lady, Gbenga mentioned that the lady tried to ‘sell herself’ to him. To his disappointment, he was infuriated to how the woman would choose to sell herself to a man for a cheap rate.

He continued;

I walked towards another section of the mall and saw another Nigerian
She was selling skin care, nail care whatever
She latched on to me from afar
“Please come buy something for madam, let me help you with your nails etc
I realized she is a Nigerian
I told her I am not interested

How Nigerians Should Deal With Each Other

In the latter of his thread, the man explained that Nigerians should deal with one another with respect, understanding and equity.

The final part of his thread reads;

We all have a lot to do in bringing the greatness of Nigeria back, we can highlight the short comings all we want but each of us must do what we have to when we have to do it to make Nigeria Great Again!


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