Tiffany Haddish Claims She Is Now ‘Jobless’ Following Molestation Suit (VIDEO)



Tiffany Haddish

American entertainer, Tiffany Haddish has stated that she is now jobless following the molestation lawsuit levelled against her and fellow comedian, Aries Spears.

Haddish made this claim during an interview with the American news platform, TMZ.

A certain Jane Doe had claimed that Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears roped her and her brother into inappropriate sexual skits as children.

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The accuser who simply identifies as Jane Doe has now dropped her claim.

Despite dropping the claim, Tiffany tells TMZ that she has lost everything in the wake of this.

She said she is relieved now that the saga is over but noted her main concern was the actual accuser, as well as her brother.

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After hearing that Jane Doe who had accused the comedians of sexual assault had urged the judge to throw the case out, the 42-year-old “Easter Sunday” actress was questioned by paparazzi at LAX on Wednesday about the matter.

I lost everything. All my gigs are gone. Everything is gone,” she said in a video published by TMZ when asked if she thought the lawsuit would harm her public image.

When the photographer attempted to inquire about Haddish’s belief that she might alter how the world views her through her professional endeavours, she retaliated by saying, “I don’t have no job, bro.”

Watch the video below.

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