John Lyon, Bayelsa Socialite Pleads For Mercy As He Is Arrested For Kidnapping In Abuja (Video)



John Lyon

The video of John Lyon, an alleged kidnapper pleading his innocence has surfaced on social media.

In the video, the suspect popularly known as “Lion White” was shirtless, putting on only boxers.

With both hands chained, Lyon pleaded for mercy, saying he was only involved in kidnap operation twice.

He also asked to be released because his wife just put to bed.

A voice suspected to be that a detective asked the suspect in pidgin, “So, are you saying it is only two persons you have joined your gang to kidnap?” to which he responded, “Yes, sir.”, and the policeman concluded, “You are a liar!

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However, a man who claimed to be one of his victims challenged Lyon that he saw him while he was in captivity.

Although his face was not shown in the video, the man, who also spoke in pidgin, shouted on top of his voice.

I saw you on one of the days when I was almost beaten to death in your den.

You slept on a bench while I was being tortured.

When we get to the court, I will identify you before the judge.”

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Lyon, who continued weeping paused for a while and said, “Oga, I don’t know anything about your matter.”

Watch the video below.

Different pictures and videos of Lyon’s flamboyance amid the biting hardship in the land are circulating on social media.

Watch the video below.

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