Hundeyin, Lagos Police PRO, Reveals How Officers Solicit Bribe From Him



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Lagos police command spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesman for the Lagos state police has written about how most officers solicit for funds from Nigerian citizens.

In a thread shared on his Twitter platform on Thursday night, Hundeyin revealed she carried out an experiment around the vicinities of Lagos state, Ikeja to be precise.

He disclosed in his narrative that he dressed in a mufti so as to investigate how the officers across check points in the state have been carrying their operations.

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He mentioned that though several of the officers did not know he was the one, he did all possible best to make sure he was polite to them and didn’t exude any form of authority. Hundeyin went on to state that though some of the officers demanded for funds from him, he declined their offer and put on a polite demeanor.

In the concluding part of his thread, he admonished Nigerians to become more cautious and respectful when dealing with officers of the law.

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He didn’t stop there, he went on to admonish Nigerians to report ‘bad eggs’ in the system so that they can be disciplined accordingly.

Hundeyin went on to state that the aim of his surreptitious supervision isn’t to trivialize the turbulence of the average Nigerian citizen and undermine the struggles of Lagos residents, but instead to aid in the understanding of what they are going through.

The opening part of his thread reads;

“I finally carried out my social experiment.

Also, I drove around Ikeja at about 11:50pm, in mufti, in a private car.

I passed through two police points.

In fact, I spent five seconds at the first without a word from the police officer.

He simply waved me on.”

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