Daddy Freeze Compares China’s Economy Boom To Nigeria’s Impecunious State Despite Religious Differences



Daddy Freeze

Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has stated that the Chinese are still wealthy despite not being as religious as Nigerians.

The renowned media personality made this known on his Instagram platform.

Freeze characteristically took a swipe at Christians on Tuesday.

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Daddy Freeze said that Chinese men and women do not pray and that up to ”90% of them are irreligious, yet they produce billionaires in USD every 5 days, unlike Nigeria where people set up imaginary fire altars, pray for destiny helpers and yet we have only three USD billionaires.

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He went further to write;

For those of you saying leadership, not religion, is the cause of our problem, remember that our Vice president is an ordained pastor in RCCG.🙄

The Chinese don’t pray, up to 90% of Chinese people are irreligious; meaning they have no religion, yet a billionaire in USD is created in China every 5 days. • In one month China creates more billionaires than Nigeria created in 60 years.

The Chinese are getting richer while Nigerians wake up every morning to set up imaginary fire altars of prayer and pray for destiny helpers, yet we have only 3 USD
When will this buf0Onery end?


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