Sheggz Risks Strike For Threatening Eloswag Over Bella (Video)


Big Brother Naija Fan favorite, Sheggz on Thursday reprimanded fellow housemate, Eloswag following his altercation with his love interest, Bella.

Sheggz revealed that he was livid at Eloswag for failing to show him respect by speaking harshly at Bella.

During the early hours of today, Bella and Eloswag had an altercation over a joke which didn’t go down well with Eloswag.

While Eloswag vent his anger by asking housemates to stop joking about his personal issue, Bella responded that Eloswag should come and beat her if he’s not happy about it.

This further infuriated Eloswag who dared Bella to ‘come near’ him.

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Sheggz was irritated with Eloswag’s response. He said Eloswag shouldn’t have responded to Bella. He interpreted Eloswag’s response as threatening to beat Bella.

He said he would retaliate should Eloswag beat Bella.

You expect me to stand here while you beat Bella? No man, I won’t do that,” he said.

Housemates had been warned that physical assault such as fighting or beating another housemate, can lead to disqualification from the show.

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Not all housemates agreed with Sheggz on his confrontation. Doyin said Sheggz should have cautioned Bella to stop the bad joke instead of confronting Eloswag.

One of the housemates could also be heard telling Sheggz that he would be disqualified if he physically assaults any housemate.

Adekunle also lends his voice by telling housemates that everyone reacts to things differently and they should all respect each other’s feelings.

Watch the segment below.


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