Niger State: Husband Allegedly Murders Wife Over Infidelity


A Niger state resident identified as Adeniyi Jose has been accused of killing his wife, Chioma Gloria over claims of infidelity. The reportedly made attempt to take his own life after his heinous act was carried out.

According to reports gathered, the incident occurred in Suleja, Niger state on Monday, August 8.

It was gathered that Adeniyi strangled his wife to death with a rope and thereafter tried to end it all by consuming a poisonous substance.

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However, he was rushed to Suleja General Hospital, where he’s said to be receiving treatment.

We have observed their frequent fight and argument for a long time because he is a jealous man and he doesn’t always want to see her talking with or discussing with any man.

On Monday, not long after they had another fight, we noticed everywhere went quiet with no movement in the house.

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The source continued;

Chioma’s sister came around but nobody answered the door.

She checked their window through the kitchen and found her sister lying down lifeless with bruises on her body and pillow on her face.”

The police were invited and they found her dead while her husband was unconscious with a bottle of poisonous substance close to him. He was rushed to the hospital and is said to be recuperating. They have been married for six years and have a son together,” the source added.

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