Kaduna Train Captive Reveals Plans By Terrorists To Unleash Chaos Across Nigeria


Kaduna Train Victims

Professor Mustapha Umar Imam, one of the Kaduna train assault hostages who was recently freed, claimed that the terrorists who kidnapped the victims on March 28 were well-organized and had spies all throughout the nation.

Imam, one of the five rescued victims, added that the bandits deliberated and plotted the attacks they would carry out and succeed in an interview on Arise TV on Wednesday morning, August 3.

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Additionally, he claimed that their kidnappers discussed sensitive national security matters, confirming that they have informants operating for them all around the country, after the Kaduna rail operation.

Imam said;

“They gave us N10,000 each for us to get things like soft drinks and milk, beverages, bread, and other supplies. This happened in the last two weeks. In terms of how organized they are, I advise that the government should take them very seriously because these people are highly organized.

They do tell us that they have spies planted across the country and I believe them. We have heard them talk about things they shouldn’t know anything about. I want to believe that information comes from those spies and people they planted across the country. We actually heard them talk about attacks they wanted to carry out very openly. They said they can attack these places.

And at times, some of these attacks actually come through. When we were in captivity, they spoke about serious attacks they were going to carry out, and when I came out, I heard they were involved in Kuje prison jailbreak and a few other attacks across the country. And like I said I want the government to really take them seriously.


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