iPhone 14: Here Is What People Need To Know


Moji Delano recently gathered that the iPhone 14 models will launch around 13 September 2022.

The Apple iPhone 14 series is likely to launch in September 2022 as per the latest details.

The series will include Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Apple has been making Pro versions of its smartphones since the iPhone 11, but for most people, the differences between the regular and Pro versions have been minimal, unless they’re keen photographers.

While the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro both use OLED screens, only the latter has ProMotion — the 120Hz refresh rate that makes things feel that bit smoother, and opens the door to games moving beyond 60fps.

That difference is expected to persist with the next generation, but the iPhone 14 Pro will also reportedly get an always-on display for the first time. This has been a staple of Android phones (and, indeed, the Apple Watch) for some time, and allows details like the time and notifications to be displayed even when the phone isn’t awake.

For pro version of the upcoming phone, the always-on display is even expected to include wallpapers, as the image above shows. So you may get the same iOS 16 lock screen widgets — just at a dimmer brightness.

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Here are some features the iPhone 14 would posses.
  1. A big 48MP main camera
Photo Credit: iUpdate

Apple has stuck with 12-megapixel sensors for its rear cameras since 2015’s iPhone 6S, but the iPhone 14 Pro is reportedly set to change that with a 48MP lens.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will reportedly record 48MP images but use pixel binning to deliver 12MP images for those who want to save on space.

2. Telephoto zoom still Pro exclusive

A 3x optical zoom is another feature that, so far, has been exclusive to Pro iPhones, and there’s no indication that that will change with the cellphone. Indeed, it seems pretty likely it won’t, given Apple’s desire to upsell.

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