Dede Mabiaku Performs Seadogs’ Version Of ‘Emi Lokan’ (Video)



dede mabiaku

Afrobeat musician, zhas raised eyebrows after he shared a video of himself singing the confraternity group, Seadogs‘ version of the viral song, ‘Emi Lokan‘.

While the ‘Emi lokan‘ song by the Pyrates Confraternity, also known as the National Association of Seadogs, is still trending online, singer Dede Mabiaku has dropped his version of the song.

In a video share on Instagram by Ovation Magazine founder, Dele Momodu, Mabiaku was heard singing his own version.

Dele wrote in the caption to the video:

The special composition by the Seadogs is still trending despite condemnation by Cap’n Blood Professor Wole Soyinka… Afrobeat artist Dede Mabiaku has released his own version.”

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Dede could be seen passionately singing his version of the ‘Emi Lokan‘ song to his audience.

However, the video of his version of the song has stirred many reactions from social media users as many hailed his music prowess.

At the same time, some also condemned the act of mocking people because of their health challenges.

Check out his video below.


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