Ckay Acknowledges Wizkid, Davido’s Influence Upon His Career


Ckay is one of the hottest exports from the Nigerian entertainment industry. In recent years, he has amassed an impressive number on music charts across the globe and on various music streaming platforms.

In a post shared on his Twitter platform on Wednesday, August 24, Ckay revealed the ‘goats’ who have influenced his music career.

Taking to Twitter, Ckay whose real name is Chukwuka Ekweani recognized how three of the leading Afrobeat musicians, Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy admonished him to keep aiming for excellence. The singer revealed that the aforementioned musicians played a pivotal lesson in lecturing him about how the music industry works and how to develop a tough skin against all odds.

Ckay mentioned in his post that Davido revealed to him that it is possible to achieve mainstream recognition and awards with ‘Afrobeat music’. Speaking about Wizkid, the ‘Way‘ crooner stated that someone’s location or background shouldn’t define how far someone can go.

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As for Burna Boy, the singer stated that ‘delay is not denial’.

Here is what the singer wrote on his Twitter platform;

Davido showed me that getting plaques with afrobeat songs is possible, Wizkid showed me that where you come from doesn’t limit how far you can go, and Burna Boy showed me that delay is not denial.”

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Prior to making the above post, Ckay mentioned that he would love to acknowledge the ‘goats’ in the music industry before he drops his debut studio album, Sad Romance which he announced a couple of days ago.

He wrote, “before my album drops I need to get some things off my chest …

Addressing The Disrespect Of Goats

Ckay did not stop there, he went on to mention that Nigerians should begin to respect some of the most iconic singers in the music industry. He stated that it is pivotal for netizens to desist from making derogatory remarks about creatives.

The singer added that people should begin to give roses to some of the iconic artistes in the industry before they make their exit.

He continued;

When I see people disrespecting our 🐐s on this app or making silly comparisons, it actually upsets me. Give your 🐐s their flowers while they’re still here! They paved the way!”

In another post, Ckay stated that everyone in the music industry is simply making attempt to contribute to the Afrobeat movement by playing their own role.

He wrote;

At the end of the day we’re all just playing our roles. One day we’ll all die and it won’t matter anymore. Afrobeats is one of the few things giving us joy in this country. Let’s just love and support our own. It’s possible to hype your fave without putting down another artist

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