Charly Boy Predicts Nigeria’s Future



Charly Boy

Foremost Nigerian entertainer and social activist, Charly Boy whose real name is Charles Oputa has admonished Nigerians to take the coming 2023 general elections seriously.

In a post shared on his Twitter platform on Wednesday afternoon, Charly Boy mentioned that things would degenerate in Nigeria should ‘vagabonds’ remain in power in the country.

He stated that it is essential for the current coterie of leaders to vacate the top echelon positions and allow skilled individuals fix the nation.

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Speaking further, Charly Boy mentioned that the affairs of the country would become worsen if not attended to with immediate effect. Making reference to some of the most challenged nations in the world such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Lebanon, Charly Boy mentioned that a ‘stormy hell fire’ is gathering in Nigeria and it would eventually ‘choke’ citizens of the country.

Oputa gave the warning on his Twitter handle this afternoon.

A stormy Hell Fire is gathering in Nigeria. I can almost smell it and e dey choke. If the Vagabonds in power remain indifferent or fail to fix dis Bullshit dey started. Nigeria will certainly become a combination of Afghanistan Venezuela, Somalia and Lebanon.” he wrote.

In an additional tweet, he mentioned that Nigerians should prepare for a coming battle. He went on to state that ‘Fulani Freedom Fighters‘ have been let loose by their “masters’. Hence, Nigerians should become prepared for what is to come.

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Read what he stated on Twitter;

The Fulani Freedom Fighters (FFFs) have been let loose from Hell by der masters.
Nigerians be ready to defend ursef’s.”

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