Sharia Court Sentences Three Men To Death For Raping Minors


A Sharia court in Bauchi state has reportedly sentenced three men to death by stoning for raping two boys.

According to Sharia police or Hisbah official, Adamu Dankafi, the court in the town of Ningi handed down the sentences on the trio on Wednesday, June 29. They were accused of raping two boys after drugging them.

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Dankafi said:

The Upper Sharia Court One in Ningi handed down the death sentence on the three men for committing homosexual acts with two brothers aged 10 and 12.

The three are to be stoned to death as prescribed by the Bauchi state Sharia penal code based on their confessions during interrogation by our men and before the court.

He disclosed that the men were arrested in Gwada village in May following complaints by parents of the two boys who said they had been drugged before the act.

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Dankafi added that the men aged between 20 and 70, were not represented by a lawyer during the one-day trial, noting that they have one month to appeal the sentence.

Raping minors is punishable by death under Nigeria’s Sharia law, although like most other death sentences it has never been enforced. In this case, the men were charged under a law related to homosexual acts.

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