Sam Larry Distances Self From Portable Following ‘One Million Boys’ Claim (Video)




Nigerian music promoter, Sam Larry has taken to Instagram to react to the claim he is aware of Portable’s establishment of the notorious sects, Ajah Boys and One Million Boys.

The singer, Portable whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola on Monday, July 18 said he founded the well-known cult groups Ajah boys and One Million Boys which terrorized Lagos State residents during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

During his revelation in the video which he has since taken down from his Instagram platform, Portable mentioned that Sam Larry, the music promoter alongside several others are aware of his establishment.

The popular music promoter, speaking in Yoruba, refuted Portable’s claim in a 58-second video that was viral on social media.

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Sam Larry said he just assisted Portable with his trip because he is a music promoter.

Listen to what he had to say;

I heard that something is happening on social media about One Million Boys. I don’t know anything about them and I don’t know them. Portable who mentioned my name, I am his benefactor. I helped him to travel because I am a promoter.

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He continued;

When did I know you? It is not up to a year now. I am your benefactor and you are using that to tannish my image. You did not mention my name alone but on Social media everyone is there mentioning my name. Where did we meet for One Million Boys? What is the meaning of that? Don’t ever mention my name on something bad.

Henceforth, don’t ever call me. I will even block you too.

My wife’s family and other people have been calling to ask me what is the meaning of One Million Boys Portable mentioned my name . Please correct yourself because I don’t know you

The music promoter has also since reached out to the controversial musician on WhatsApp. Portable described the ‘One Million Boys‘ statement as ‘cruise’.

Watch the video below.


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