Hushpuppi: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Internet Fraudster

Hushpuppi: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Internet Fraudster

The sentencing of internet fraudster, Ramon Abass, popularly known as Hushpuppi has been postponed by the US Central District Court in California.

Judge Otis Wright of a United States Central District Court in California has postponed the sentencing of Hushpuppi to September 21.

The Nigerian charged with multi-million dollar fraud had pleaded guilty, to the charges filed against him.

Hushpuppi, who was apprehended in Dubai in June 2020; pleaded guilty to the charges in July 2021.

He pleaded guilty to Count Two which is “Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering,” an offence that attracts a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment among other punishments including full restitution.

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The plea agreement with the US government reads;

Defendant understands that the defendant will be required to pay full restitution to the victim(s) of the offence to which the defendant is pleading guilty.

Defendant agrees that, in return for the USAO’s compliance with its obligations under this agreement, the court may order restitution to persons other than the victim(s) of the offences to which defendant is pleading guilty and in amounts greater than those alleged in the count to which defendant is pleading guilty.”

At the request of counsel, the Sentencing is CONTINUED to 9/21/2022 at 1:30 PM before Judge Otis D. Wright II, as to Defendant Ramon Olorunwa Abbas

The sentencing hearing was initially moved by Judge Wright from February 14 to July 11 and has now been moved to September 21 at the counsel’s request.

He has been in custody since his arrest in Dubai and rendition to the U. S. in June 2020.

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