Bella: The Play Girl In The BBNaija Love Triangle


Bella Okagbue is having the time of her life in Big Brother’s House. She has the attention and affection of two of the most good-looking men in Level Up house, Sheggz and Adekunle.

Bella is a beautiful young lady, hence, she would certainly receive the attention that she deserves.

She is in-between two interesting personalities, Sheggz, a certified lover boy who has the heart of Nigerian women wrapped around his fingers and Adekunle, a more mature individual whose perspective about is more tunnel-visioned; to put it simply, he is an individual who wants what he wants.

While Sheggz has expressed his interest in Bella, Adekunle is steady and subtle in his approach, he has made his interest in her know although, he did it in a surreptitious manner.

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Sheggz outrightly said he wanted Bella, Adekunle stated that he ‘he likes her clean feet‘.


As stated earlier, this man doesn’t want to be ridiculed, hence, he bringing down her guard steadily.

Also, it is quintessential to mention that Dotun, another Island resident has interest in Bella. However, he is not among the major characters in this love triangle epistle, therefore, we wouldn’t be considering him.

Bella claims to be single, albeit, she wouldn’t make it easy for her admirers. She wants to take them for a spin, like a coquette, she will make you undergo a little bit of mental and emotional exercise, you’d have to stretch those muscles.

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She specifically made this known to Sheggz during their heart-to-heart conversation a couple of days ago.

On Wednesday, July 27 during a discussion at the table, Bella spoke about how she likes to be pampered and care for. She made this known in the presence of her admirers.

She had this to say, “I like love and affection

She continued, ” I love It When His Driving And Holding My Hands Or When My Man Kisses Me Randomly,I’m Very Clingy

Watch the segment below.


It would be interesting to see who wins the heart of Bella. In the meantime, she is gradually building a bond with Sheggz, however, Adekunle is also giving her something to smile about.

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