Abuja-Kaduna Train: Uthman Recounts His Experience In Captivity


One of the recently freed Abuja-Kaduna train attack passengers, Hassan Uthman has narrated his four-month ordeal in captivity.

Uthman recounted his experience in an interview with the BBC Hausa service. He spoke about how they were thoroughly beaten by the terrorists.

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He stated that they were initially sleeping on the bare ground in the thick forest but later, they were provided with mats and when it rained, the terrorists erected makeshift shelters for them.

Uthman noted;

We were seriously beaten as seen in the video and it is as a result of failure to rescue us by government. Because of the government’s attitude, they were angered and they thoroughly beat us. We were severely flogged and that was just the beginning. This makes me to pity those that are still with them in the forest.

In terms of feeding, the hey fed us according to their capacity. At times, they even slaughtered cattle and sheep for us. Even day before yesterday they slaughtered a cow and we ate, we thank Allah.

I couldn’t locate the forest we were taken, since the Federal government had failed to rescue us for the past 4 months, the international community should come in and rescue the remaining victims who were in a pitiable condition in the forest.

He added;

Our relatives facilitated our release, they initially tried but government stopped them and now succeeded.

I don’t know if they paid ransom or not, three of us are released today, the remaining in captivity are up to 40.

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