Twitter User Raises Alarm, Leaves Trail After Being Kidnapped Alongside 16 Others



Twitter User Kidnapped

Twitter user named Ameerah Sufyan has on Tuesday, June 14 raised the alarm after being abducted by some criminals alongside three pregnant ladies, two infants and 11 others. 

Sufyan in a series of tweets said herself and the other 16 victims were kidnapped at gunpoint from various sections of Abuja by guys in police uniforms and a van.

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The Twitter user further said she had shared her position with her WhatsApp connections and that her captors had not seen her phone.

She tweeted;

Please whoever has my WhatsApp number I sent a broadcast message of my location.

We were abducted at gunpoint by people with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja.

We’re 17 including three pregnant women and two little kids. They didn’t see my phone.

Sufyan supplied details of her captors shortly after the first tweet, noting that they were being moved to the western portion of the nation.

She added;

They’re four yoruba and two fulani men They divided us up an hour ago. We’re seven here.

The other vehicle they said they will reach Ilorin and ours will reach Ibadan or Ikeja as they said.

Following the call for help, Twitter users have tagged the Nigerian Police Force and its Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, in the post’s comments.

The Police are yet to respond to the tags on Twitter as of the time of reporting this post.

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