TG Tomori Tackles Twitter Influencer Over ‘Buga’ Comment

Talented Nigerian music video director, TG Tomori has slammed renowned social media commentator, Daniel Regha for criticizing Kizz Daniel and Tekno Miles‘ newly released video for ‘Buga‘.

On Wednesday, June 22, the music video for the smash hit, ‘Buga‘ was released and TG Tomori served as the principal music video director.

Following the release of the sensational music video, it quickly resonated with fans primarily because of the uniqueness and creative combination of cheerful colours and cultural aesthetics aimed at unravelling the theme of the song which is ‘enjoying the reward of one’s handiwork‘.

While other Twitter users acknowledged the dexterity of TG Tomori’s professionalism in the video, Daniel Regha who is renowned for giving unsolicited advise characteristically had other views.

Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ ft Tekno is dope; but TG Omori could have done a better job with the music video; Cos the video lacked the energy the song carries.

Furthermore, it was only centered on Nigeria which is a flaw since the whole idea was to promote inclusion and diversity. No Offence.” Daniel Regha opined on his Twitter account.

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Moments after Regha expressed his opinion, TG Tomori revealed that he was having none of it and he responded.

He reprimanded Regha, telling him to put his own life together prior to giving advice to how people should execute their work.

Tomori had this to say;

Son of man who can’t put together a proper look for himself wants to teach us how to shoot a video. Brother you lie.”

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