Slack Brings New Audio Pronunciations Feature To User Profiles



The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the widespread popularity and usage of Slack. This development facilitated remote work across various locations.

While getting to know your colleagues can be tricky when working remotely; Slack is adding a handful of new features to address that. These changes are on the user profiles to make things a little more fluid.

New features include the option to add name pronunciation guides (either by recording audio or adding phonetic spelling); a new pop-up user card UI that appears when you hover your mouse over someone’s name; and reorganized fields in user profiles, which have now been streamlined to three modules: Contact Info, People (where you sit in your company’s org chart), and About Me (customizable with things like languages spoken, start date, etc).

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Here’s what that new UI looks like, with the full user profile card on the left and the pop-up card on the right:

The new user profile cards have been streamlined with new fields for name pronunciation. 
Image: Slack

Basically, it’s more information made more accessible.

The pronunciation guides and pop-up user cards should be available on June 1st; though some changes may take a few weeks to reach all users, says Slack. In the past, Slack has added similar features that foster a bit more inclusion in the workplace, including the ability for users to list their pronouns.

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