Singer Peruzzi Urges Nigerians To Vote Their Favorite Presidential Candidate




Nigerian recording artiste and music producer, Peruzzi has admonished Nigerians to get their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) ahead of the coming 2023 general election.

The multi-talented recording artiste has joined the bandwagon of Nigerian elites who are admonishing citizens of the country to engage in the election exercise in 2023.

Speaking via his Twitter account on Sunday, June 19, Peruzzi whose real name is Tobechukwu Victor Okoh stated that Nigerians should endeavor to “vote for whoever” they want without any form of external influence.

The singer wrote;

Still On Still.
Get Your PVC.
Vote Whoever TF You Want.

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Peruzzi‘s statement has been receiving mixed reactions from social media commentators.

Specifically, a certain follower replied that the idea of voting for whoever they want is what caused the current woes and economic hardships in the country; hence he would like to inquire who the singer wants to vote for in the upcoming elections so his fans can follow his footsteps.

Peruzzi who didn’t want to fall victim to harsh criticism if he advises his fans; the recording artiste simply reiterated, “vote for whoever he wanted”.

The Twitter commentator asked;

Vote whoever TF you want is what brought us in these mess we are today. Please be specific, who are you voting and want your fans to vote for??

Responding to the tweet, Peruzzi wrote;

Forcing Candidates On People Started The Mess.
Tell You Who I’m Voting??
As For My Fans, They Should Vote Whoever TF They Want. Emphasis On “Whoever TF”.

Read the exchange below.


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