Crossdressers Serve As ‘Aso-Ebi Girls’ At Wedding Ceremony In Lagos (Video)

Crossdressers serve as aso-ebi girls at Lagos wedding

A video of a group of young crossdressers serving in the bridal train at their friend’s wedding ceremony has surfaced on social media.

The coterie of six crossdressers were seen dancing as well as hyping their friend. Their friend was the actual bride in the auditorium.

In the video, the young men who identified as crossdressers were seen dressed  like females. They wore wigs, female attires and they were also on heavy make-up.

It was likewise gathered that the event took place over the weekend in Lagos state.

As seen in the video, there were bouncers in the scene; available to keep people away from going close to the young men.

Sharing the video on the video sharing platform, Tik Tok, the caption to the video reads, “who will believe we are all guys?

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, a crossdresser otherwise known as a drag queen is someone who wears the attire, costume as well as accessories of the opposing gender.

In Nigeria, the practice was popularized by controversial media personality, Denrele Edun; he is renowned for his effeminate aura, outlandish accessories and also maverick outlook on life.

He has since been recognized for influencing a new sect of crossdressers such as Bobrisky, James Brown, as well as Jay Boogie, to name a few.

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In April 2022, the House of Representatives introduced a bill to prohibit cross-dressing; with an amendment to the Same-Sex (Prohibition) Act.

The 2013 Same-Sex Prohibition bill was signed into law by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The proposed legislation, which seeks to amend the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2013, passed first reading at the lower legislative chamber in April.

The new sub-clauses read:

(1) Cross-dressing whether done publicly is prohibited; (2) A person shall be deemed to have committed the offence publicly where it is published; or displayed publicly notwithstanding that it was committed privately or in any place that would have ordinarily been described as private.

The proposed amendment, however, provided an exception. That the clauses “shall not apply to cross-dressing in the course of a stage play; or in any bona fide public entertainment”.

Section 5 of the bill also proposes sanctions for would-be violators of the aforementioned new clauses.

It reads;

A person engaged in cross-dressing is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for 6 months; or to a fine of five hundred thousand naira.

A group of young men who identify as crossdressers have since taken to the streets of Abuja to protest the ban.

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