Joe Biden Insists On Ban On Offensive Weapons


Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has said the United States must ban offensive weapons to tackle the carnage” of gun violence.

In a White House speech to the nation, Joe Biden said too many places in America have become killing fields.

He said that if Congress could not ban such weapons, it should try to raise the age of purchase from 18 to 21.

The US president’s speech was preceded by a series of mass shootings in the country.

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Speaking at the White House, he also called for expanding the scope of federal checks on the past; and national Red Flag laws, which allow courts to order the seizure of weapons by individuals deemed to pose a threat to others or for themselves.

It’s not about confiscating anyone’s weapons,” said the Democratic president.

It’s not about taking away anyone’s rights,” he added. “It is about protecting our children,” he said.

Why on earth should an ordinary citizen buy an offensive weapon; that contains 30 rounds of ammunition that allows mass murderers to fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes?” Biden asked.

While he was preparing for his speech, several other people were shot dead in a raid on a cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin.

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