West Must Stop Supplying Weapons To Ukraine, Putin Tells Macron


West Must Stop Supplying Weapons To Ukraine, Putin Tells MacronRussian President, Vladimir Putin has on Tuesday told French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron that the West must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and accused Kyiv of not taking talks to end the conflict seriously, the Kremlin said.

Accusing Ukrainian forces of committing war crimes and claiming the EU was “ignoring” them, Putin told Macronthe West could help stop these atrocities by putting relevant pressure on the Kyiv authorities, as well as halting the supply of weapons to Ukraine”.

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Putin also said Kyiv was not being consistent or ready for “serious work” on ending the conflict.

The Russian side is still open to dialogue,” the Russian leader told Macron, according to the Kremlin readout.

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Macron’s Elysee Palace office said that beyond reiterating calls on Russia to end the assault on its neighbour with a ceasefire and peace talks, he had urged Putin to allow evacuations from the besieged Azovstal steel plant in port city Mariupol to continue.

He also offered to “work with the relevant international organisations to help lift the Russian blockade on Ukrainian food exports via the Black Sea, given its consequences for global food security”.

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For his part, Putin linked the food situation to Western sanctions against Russia and “noted the importance of the unimpeded functioning of the global logistics and transport infrastructure”, the Kremlin said.

Macron is one of the few Western leaders to speak to Putin since Moscow moved troops into Ukraine on February 24, spending hours on telephone calls trying to negotiate a resolution to the conflict.

The conflict has killed thousands of people and displaced more than 13 million, creating the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

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