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Bird Crashes Into Air Peace Aeroplane, Damages Engine


Bird Crashes Into Air Peace Aeroplane, Damages EngineManagement of Air Peace has announced to the public that their aircraft’s engine got damaged due to a bird strike.

In a statement signed by the management of Air Peace, the incident happened on Monday, however, all passengers on board were unharmed by the incident.

The statement which was posted on Air Peace verified Instagram page reads;

Bird strike on Lagos-bound flight from Owerri. This is to inform the general public that Air Peace flight P47159 Owerri to Lagos, on 22 November 2021, just a few minutes after take-off, had a bird strike.

This seriously affected the parameters of one of the engines and the Pilot-in-Command had to divert to port-Harcourt and safely landed the aircraft while the passenger disembarked normally.

We have dispatched a rescue team and aircraft to airlift the passengers of the affected flight. Air Peace is committed to the highest standards of safety and will never compromise on this.

Via NAN.

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