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At 55, I Married As A Virgin, Says Osun Newly-Wed Evangelist

At 55, I Married As A Virgin, Says Osun Newly-Wed Evangelist
Mrs Esther Bakare and her husband.

A woman identified as Lady Evangelist Esther Bamiloye, now Mrs Bakare has revealed that she got married as a virgin at 55.

Mrs Bakare got married for the first time to her husband, Isaac Bakare, a 62-year-old artisan who also has never been married too.

In an interview with Punch, the woman revealed that;

The devil had plans to stop me from getting married. When I felt I was ready, there was no man coming for me. I kept waiting on God for a miracle till I reached 55-years. I never dated anyone till I got married. Initially, I thought the problem was from my former church and I left, but I give glory to God. He did it for me in my new church and all the barriers were removed.

Speaking on if there was any pressure, Mrs Bakare said;

I was able to withstand all the pressure because of my deep-rooted faith, belief and focus on Christ Jesus. Specifically, God gave me that grace, dedication and help from certain quarters also sustained me all through.

Imagine someone of that age not having a husband and not that I deliberately wish not to have. There were many days of weeping, begging God to have mercy. But today, I am happy because as great as the affliction was, I was still able to achieve a lot of things in other areas of my life.

She added that she never lost hope and ended up getting married as a virgin, stressing;

I was overwhelmed at some point. It was simply God’s grace that kept me going. I did not know any man till I got married to my husband. I married as a virgin.

On how she met her husband, she said;

God had been revealing his picture and personality to me and speaking to me about him through some people for over three years. Exactly on the day it reached three years that I first got the revelation, God sent the message again through a prophet. The description of his looks, where he would come from and others matched perfectly when I set my eyes on him at Ilesa. My church is in Osogbo, but we had an event in Ilesa where I met the man destined for me.

God even revealed our wedding date, which was October 29, 2021. The period between our meeting and wedding was really short. I give God all the glory for remembering me after all these years.

Mrs Bakare spoke about having children, expressing;

God does all things and one of the blessings of marriage is having children. One has to look forward to childbearing and be steadfast in things of God, and live a happy and fulfilled life. I don’t really have a specific number of children in mind. (We want) as many as God can give us and we can take care of.

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