Drunk Man Reported Missing Spends Hours Helping Search Party Look For Himself


Drunk Man Reported Missing Spends Hours Helping Search Party Look For HimselfA drunk Turkish man spent hours helping look for a missing person with a search and rescue party before realising they were looking for him.

Beyhan Mutlu, from Inegol in the north-western province of Bursa, had been drinking with friends when he wandered off into the woods.

His wife was unable to contact the 50-year-old for a few hours, leading her and his friends to alert the police,  Ladbible reports.

While roaming the woods, Mutlu came across a group of rescue workers and volunteers involved in a search mission, unaware they were looking for him.

He joined the group and inadvertently started looking for himself in the woods with the search party.

While searching, the group kept calling out Mutlu’s name repeatedly until, after a while, someone in the group replied: “Who are we looking for? I am here.” That man ended up being Mutlu.

He was then taken aside by one of the rescue workers to give a statement in which he was worried about getting into trouble with his family.

Mutlu reportedly said: ‘Don’t punish me too harshly, officer. My father will kill me.

The rescue workers then gave him a lift home, and it is not clear if he was reprimanded for his actions.

In 2012, an Asian tourist who went missing in Iceland was found in her own search party after she failed to recognise her own description released by police.

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