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BBNaija S6: Housemates To Pay For Party Experience, Using Gym, Deep Freezer, Washing Machine


Meet BBNaija Season 6 HousematesBig Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates have been asked to pay for using the gym, washing machine, opening deep freezer, and even party experience.

Reading a new brief in the Lounge on Wednesday, HoH Liquorose disclosed that housemates have been given a new set of instructions on spending Abeg Naira beyond Sunday weekly house shopping.

The brief reads;

Here is the new Brief.

Big Brother is excited to present you the Abeg Naira Menu!

The Abeg Naira menu is a one-stop shop for you to spend your Abeg Naira beyond the Sunday weekly House shopping.

There is a special accounting ledger and pouch provided for the Head of House to keep tabs on the shopping done on the menu. Also, to store the Abeg Naira. Any time a Housemate shops from the menu, the Housemate is expected to report and pay the amount in Abeg Naira to the Head of House. On Sundays, after the weekly House shopping, the Head of House will be expected to deliver the ledger and Abeg Naira to the diary room.

It added;

The ledger balance and Abeg Naira must always tally. If not, the Head of House will be liable to pay the difference. The Head of House may assign this accounting duty to anyone of his/her choosing.If the accounting duty is assigned, the Head of House remains liable for any missing funds or incorrect ledger balance. It is advisable that the Head of House keeps a daily record for easier accounting.

Here is how the Abeg Menu works:

Each item on the menu has a corresponding cost in Abeg Naira. Any time a housemate purchases an item in the menu, they must report to the Head of House and pay the corresponding Abeg Naira.

1. Gym10 Abeg Naira. The morning workout sessions are compulsory and all Housemates must pay this necessary fee each day to access the Arena for the morning fitness session. This fee is per Housemate, per day. Missing the Arena and the session will result in fines and punishment.

2. Deep Freezer – 10 Abeg Naira. Every time the deep freezer is opened, the housemate who opens the deep freezer must pay this necessary fee to the Head of House. This fee is a per-use fee. That is, if the deep freezer is opened on 3 different occasions in a day, the fee must be paid on 3 different occasions. Even if it were opened by the same housemate. Also, the house is not allowed to leave the freezer open. This fee is only for the chest freezer.

3. Washing Machine – 50 Abeg Naira. Every use of the washing machine will cost 50 Abeg Naira. housemates are permitted to share wash loads and contribute to a single use of the washing machine.

4. Party Experience – 50 Abeg Naira. Friday and Saturday parties are compulsory but will come with a combined cost of 50 Abeg Naira per housemate. All fees must be paid to the Head of House before use.

When a housemate uses any of the services, such a housemate is expected to report and pay the amount in Abeg Naira to the Head of House.

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