Afghan President Ghani Fled With Four Cars, Helicopter Full Of Cash – Russia

Afghan President Ghani Fled With Four Cars, Helicopter Full Of Cash - Russia
Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani.

Russia’s embassy in Kabul has claimed Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani fled the country with four cars and a helicopter full of cash and had to leave some money behind as it would not all fit in, RIA news agency reports.

Recall that Ghani, whose current whereabouts are unknown, fled the country on Sunday night as the insurgents encircled the capital – saying in a Facebook post that he wanted to avoid bloodshed – capping a military victory that saw them capture all cities in just 10 days.

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Initial reports suggested that Ghani had fled to Tajikistan, but reports from Al Jazeera later claimed he had flown to Uzbekistan, citing his personal bodyguard.

As for the collapse of the (outgoing) regime, it is most eloquently characterised by the way Ghani fled Afghanistan,’ Nikita Ishchenko, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Kabul, was quoted as saying by RIA.

He was quoted as saying;

Four cars were full of money, they tried to stuff another part of the money into a helicopter, but not all of it fit. And some of the money was left lying on the tarmac.

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Ischenko, the Russian embassy spokesman, confirmed his comments to Reuters. He cited ‘witnesses‘ as the source of his information.

President Vladimir Putin’s special representative on Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov said earlier it was unclear how much money the fleeing government would leave behind.

‘I hope the government that has fled did not take all the money from the state budget. It will be the bedrock of the budget if something is left,’ Kabulov told Moscow’s Ekho Moskvy radio station.

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Russia has said it will retain a diplomatic presence in Kabul and hopes to develop ties with the Taliban even as it says it is no rush to recognise them as the country’s rulers and will closely observe their behaviour.

The Taliban swept through Afghanistan last week, claiming most of its large provinces before closing in on Kabul on Sunday and demanding an unconditional surrender of the government.

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The Taliban’s takeover of the country in light of the U.S. withdrawal of its military forces marks the end of two decades of war efforts.

US had set the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan for September 11 to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. President Joe Biden’s administration had projected a couple more months before the extremist group took total control of the country.

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In light of the unfolding events, Mr Biden warned the Taliban not to interfere with the US evacuation from Afghanistan, threatening “devastating force, if necessary.”

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