Boat With Five Passengers Capsizes In Lagos


Boat capsizeA boat carrying five passengers heading to Badagry on Friday, July 16 has capsized in Lagos State following torrential downpour.

According to ThePunch, an official of Lagos State Waterways confirmed the incident, saying that the five passengers have been rescued.

The official stated;

No Cause for Alarm! The boat was going to Badagry but unfortunately stopped 5 minutes after casting out of Five Cowries Terminal. All passengers have been successfully rescued while the boat moved to safer harbour till the heavy rain stopped and will be taking to dry dock for technical assessment.

There was a heavy downpour on Friday in Lagos, with parts of the state flooded.

The Friday incident comes months after a similar accident in Lagos when a boat capsized at Kirikiri area, en route Badagry, in June 2020.

At least 10 persons were said to have died as a result of the accident, while other passengers were rescued.

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