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A Cry For Help!: Journalist, Laura Nduoyo Needs Financial Assistance To Undergo Surgery (Photos)


A Cry For Help!: Journalist, Laura Nduoyo Needs Financial Assistance To Stay AliveLaura Nduoyo, a journalist and public relations practitioner, has taken to social media to seek financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians to undergo fistula surgery.

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two body parts, such as an organ or blood vessel and another structure. Fistulas are usually the result of an injury or surgery.

In a statement, Nduoyo recounted how through the help of some Nigerians traveled to India for a surgery

However, she returned back to Nigeria still suffering for years in another form, which has left her bedridden.

She expressed that she is now seeking financial help to undergo another surgical procedure.

Read her full statement below;

My name is Laura Nduoyo, a journalist. I’ve had an ailment which started in March 2011 for which I had surgery that resulted in a fistula that kept me bedridden for almost a year.

People rallied me to assist me to go to India but since came back my suffering continued for years in another form.

The latest being the last two years, I have been living excruciating painful health situation, I did not say anything publicly cos I was feeling too ashamed to ask again.

As my situation grows worse, I can’t do anything for myself, so I’m appealing to Nigerians again to help. I’m so exhausted trying to solve this problems myself borrowing to buy expensive drugs I cannot afford yet nothing has changed until I find the monies to do the necessary surgery.

When I came back from India in 2012, I kept suffering from repeated intense lower middle and right abdominal pain where the illeostomy bag was kept from the fistula/intestinal surgery that I had.

I kept going to the hospital but no changes. In 2020 February, I saw a surgical thread pushed against my navel. Since then, I suffer from stomach constriction. My stomach feels like it is tied with strings stretching from my navel downwards, I feel bloated 24 hours with my tummy stretched like there is a balloon.

I also suffer light sensitivity, my stomach burn from navel down wards when I come in contact with intense light. Light from fluorescent bulbs, cooking flames, etc.

I stay in dim or dark places or with lights switched off, even the light from phones burns me. I feel like I’m carrying a half Kg stone in my lower stomach. It’s difficult sitting or lying down. I also suffer diarrhea and piles constantly.

I even borrowed money from the bank to buy drugs that different people suggesting, this drugs can be quite expensive. Breathing is a difficulty. My life is hellish.

My feet and face are constantly swollen.
Please I need help to undergo surgical procedure.
Kindly help Laura live a healthy life again by donating to this cause.

Send donations to:

Name of Account: Laura Nduoyo

Bank: GTB

Account number: 0011344811.

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