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South African Woman’s Claim Of Giving Birth To 10 Babies A ‘Hoax’ – Govt, Family


Mother Of Twins Expecting 8 Babies Breaks World Record With Birth Of 10 Kids Same DayIn what is now suspected to be a hoax, family of a South African man whose girlfriend supposedly gave birth to 10 babies few weeks ago have in a statement concluded that the babies do not exist until proven otherwise.

Two week ago, local media reported that Gosiame Sithole, 37, delivered 10 babies — seven boys and three girls — by caesarean section at an undisclosed hospital in the capital Pretoria.

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However, Tebogo Tsotetsi, the alleged father, in a statement said he has not seen the babies and had only relied on his girlfriend, who called to inform him of their birth.

Doubts were also raised about the tale after politicians and medics said they had no record of the birth and Pretoria News, which broke the news, failed to produce any evidence that the children actually existed.

The statement further claims that Tsotetsi had made several attempts to visit Sithole and the babies at the hospital but she did disclose her whereabouts to him or inform him of the condition of the babies.

Sithole’s “miracle birth” was believed to have set a new Guinness World record after news of a Malian woman giving birth to nonuplets in Morocco last month excited the world.

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However, the secrecy of Sithole, her boyfriend and his sister Mathapelo Tsotetsi had left the country wondering if the 10 miracle babies existed.

Tebogo Tsotetsi and his sister Mathapelo told the media last week that the 10 babies would only be shown to the world at an appropriate time.

In our cultural beliefs, babies and pregnancies are very fragile things. We usually don’t like focusing [on] and disclosing such things, especially now that these babies are premature and still in incubators,” Mathapelo told local broadcaster Enca at the time, when the news anchor asked her when the world would get to see the babies.

Tebogo told the Independent Media consortium last week that he had cried and walked around his house alone when he heard the news of the 10 babies being born.

He also said he was grateful that God had chosen him to be the father of the babies, especially in a trying time amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

However, the family have now concluded that the current uncertainties and public discourse about the decuplets is of major concern to them, especially in the absence of any proof of their existence other than text and WhatsApp messages from the mother.

It said;

The family has resolved and concluded that there are no decuplets born between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole, until proven otherwise. ​​​​​​​

The family also apologized for any inconvenience and embarrassment caused.

On its part, South African authorities have said that they could not find evidence of a woman having given birth to 10 babies.

The government of Gauging Province put out an official statement on Twitter confirming that they could not find any record of Sithole giving birth to decuplets, even after combing through hospitals in the city.


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