Comedian, Princess Says Foster Child Is The Teenager Baba Ijesha Allegedly Sexually Abused, Narrates The Incident (Videos)


Comedian, Princess Says Foster Child Is The Teenager Baba Ijesha Allegedly Sexually Abused, Narrates The IncidentIconic comedienne, Damilola Adekoya, popularly known as Princesshas revealed that her foster child is the teenager Yoruba actor, Olarenwaju James, aka Baba Ijesha allegedly sexually abused.

Recall that Baba Ijesha was recently arrested after he confessed to molesting the teenager and Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, disclosed that the actor sexually assaulted the teenager when she was just seven-year-old.

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Speaking in emotion-laden videos uploaded on Instagram on Wednesday morning, Princess said Baba Ijesha confessed four times to the police that he abused the girl.

Princess disclosed that after the crash of her marriage, some parents allowed about six children to live with her so she wouldn’t be lonely.

She said she was also helping Baba Ijesha while taking care of the children but alleged that it was during one of his visits to her house that he molested one of the three girls living with her.

Princess expressed that the defilement had an adverse effect on the child as she began to decline academically and otherwise.

According to her, the Yoruba actor betrayed her trust and years of mentorship by committing the act.

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Princess narrated;

Some years ago, I had challenges with my marriage and I lost a baby. So some parents in my area out of compassion allow their children to stay with me so that I will not feel lonely. There were six of them, three boy and three girls. Now, Baba Ijesha had challenges and he came to me for help so I tried my best. I registered him for a lesson, he sat for GCE and I tried to get him into UNILAG; in fact, he was enrolled. That day he wanted another help and I was not going out so I asked the three boys to go and play at their play sport down the street. My aunt had come to visit me and he was around. So when she was leaving, I had to go downstairs to lock the gate after her.

She further spoke;

I do not know what happened in the space of three to four minutes but the following week, the school called me that I should come and see my children. They said the girl sat on her brother’s leg and was whining her waist. They called me and the parents of the children. The parents of the children are staunch born again Christians and I don’t allow them to watch anything even cartoons. If they have to watch cartoons, I must watch it with them.

She said that the actor warned the girl not to tell anyone about the incident and that the following day, he came to ensure that she kept quiet.

When he was alone with the girl, Princess said he defiled her again, this time with his car key, stressing;

The parents said it could be spiritual so we started praying. He warned her not to tell anybody. He came back the next day to be sure if she had told anybody. He said that he bought fruit and she should follow him to carry the fruits from his car for everybody. When he got down, he used his key to defile her again. He did not come to my house again but anytime he needed help, he will call me.

The comedian seized the opportunity to clear the air as Princess revealed that contrary to news making rounds, the actor did not sexually assault the girl for seven years.

Princess said;

When I saw the news that people were saying he has been molesting her for seven years, saying so many things, I was shocked. Fine, he defiled her, he assaulted her and we just found out but he never came to our house again. He was dodging me. So whenever he needed my help, he calls me. At a point, I called him to scold him telling him that he needed my help but he was in his house; I didn’t have money and my wedding just ended. He apologised and said that he was shooting so I went to meet him. But I noticed that he was avoiding me but I did not know why.

With a teary eye, the comedienne said she noticed that the girl’s attitude began to change and she began to fail in her studies.

Princess, who broke down in tears, revealed that she queried Baba Ijesha, demanding why he did such a thing to her and he confessed ‘It was the Devil’.

She then wondered why people will demand that the video of minor being molested be shared to the public.

Watch the videos below;


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