Pastor Mike Davids Apologises To Apostle Johnson Suleman For Accusing Him Of Committing Adultery With His Wife (Video)

Pastor Mike Davids Apologises To Apostle Johnson Suleman For Accusing Him Of Committing Adultery With His Wife
L-R: Pastor Mike Davids and Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Mike Davids has apologized to Apostle Johnson Suleman for accusing him of committing adultery with his wife, Faith Edeko.

The man’s wife currently heads the Abuja branch of Apostle Suleman’s church, Omega Fire Ministries in Utako.

It would be recalled that Davids in January petitioned Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, alleging that Apostle Suleman slept with his wife, Faith Edeko, in Uyi Hotel, Auchi, Edo State.

He also alleged that the pastor was threatening his life and denied him access to his three children.

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Davids claimed that while he was still in the Ministry, Apostle Suleman slept with his wife and then transferred her to Abuja where she is now heading the church’s branch.

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He also alleged that the clergyman has stopped him from seeing his three children and has also been threatening his life. He further claimed that Apostle Suleiman cast a spell on his wife.

Reacting to the allegations, his wife, Pastor Edeko said her husband’s allegations are cheap blackmail.

She said it was Davids who walked out of their marriage and that she suffered so much abuse while she was still living with him. She said she even contemplated suicide but her son stopped her.

Edeko claimed that she did not abandon her marriage but it was her husband who abandoned the family and even demanded a refund of her bride price from her family.

However, Mike Davids continued to make accusations against Apostle Suleman and sued him for N2bn over unlawful interference in his marriage.

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Mike Davids also threatened to expose the “truth” behind the Stephanie Otobo sex scandal and how Apostle Suleman allegedly got Otobo to apologize over sex scandal.

Recall that Ms Otobo claimed to have a sexual relationship with Apostle Suleman back in 2017 and shared details of their alleged relationship in a video interview with an online media platform as well as screenshots allegedly of steamy chats between the two.

The Canada-based lady however later apologised for falsely accusing the man of God, saying she was paid to lie against him. 

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Following through on one of his threats, Mike Davids released an audio where Apostle Suleman was heard threatening someone, an audio Apostle Suleman apologized for but said some parts were doctored.

Reacting to the series of allegations, Apostle Suleman through his legal team, instituted legal actions against Davids.

He also launched a N5bn suit at the Lagos State High Court, Ikeja, against him for “conspiracy to blackmail and defamation of character.”

In latest development, Mike Davids has now apologized for all the accusations he made against Apostle Suleman in a video shared on social media.

He said he has been on a “spiritual sojourn” and received instructions from the Lord to apologise to his ‘Father in the Lord’, Suleman.

The Pastor said;

In view of what has happened in the past, after embarking on my spiritual sojourn, I received instructions from the lord to do what I’m about to do now.

I want to sincerely apologize to my father in the lord Apostle Johnson Suleman for accusing him of sleeping with my wife.

Also, I apologise to Omega Fire Ministries around the world and to Apostle Suleman’s wife for the manner in which i reached out for help. I’m deeply sorry.

However, he didn’t apologize to his estranged wife who he accused of adultery.

Watch the video of Davids speaking below;

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