COVID-19: Nigeria Records No New Deaths In Two Days


COVID-19: Nigeria Records No New Deaths In Two DaysNigeria has for the second day in a row recorded no fatalities from COVID-19, with the total death tally in the country still at 2,027.

The development was announced in an update published by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Friday night.

Friday is the third day this week that nobody died from the virus within a 24-hour cycle. Nobody died of the highly contagious disease also on Sunday.

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Also, there has been a steady run of low daily infection figures in the country.

Infection figures in Nigeria have remained low in the past three weeks with 130 new cases recorded from 13 states on Friday.

The new daily figure is slightly lower than the 135 on Thursday. The 120 new cases reported Sunday was the lowest figure this year.

Thursday’s figure raised the total number of infections in the country to 161,539, according to NCDC data.

The new cases were reported from 13 states – Lagos (46), Ogun (19), Kwara (18), FCT (12), Kaduna (10), Ekiti (6),Abia (5), Edo(3), Sokoto(3), Osun (3), Niger (2), Oyo (2),and Akwa Ibom (1).

Lagos had the highest figure on Friday with 46 new cases followed by Ogun and Kwara with 19 and 18 infections respectively.

Since the pandemic broke out in Nigeria in February last year, the country has carried out over 1.6 million tests.

More than two-thirds of the over 161,000 people infected by COVID-19 in Nigeria has recovered after treatment.

According to NCDC data published Sunday night, a total of 147,581 have recovered after treatment.

Meanwhile, over 12,000 infections are still active in the country.

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