New Year Message: 2020 Was A Very Tough Year For Nigeria -Buhari


New Year Message: 2020 Was A Very Tough Year For Nigeria -BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari has described the year 2020 as a very trying year for the country but remained thankful for the start of another year.

Buhari said in his New Year message to Nigerians on Friday morning, admitting that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a massive blow to the world.

He expressed that 2020 came with many economic and security challenges but Nigeria remains resilient as a country on a “difficult journey” to nationhood.

The President noted;

While acknowledging that 2020 was a very tough year, we saw this year put to test our national resilience and ability to survive these tough times and also gave renewed hope that we will again brave any storms that lay ahead in 2021 and beyond.

But for the resilient spirit of Nigerians, the challenges of 2020 would have been way too much for the country.

While mourning the passing away of some Nigerians in the past year, the 78-year-old President recalled that many pundits did not believe the country would survive when it got independence from Britain in 1960.

The President expressed;

Yet, here we are, 61 years by the next anniversary in October, and not only are we here, we are standing tall in the comity of nations as one country united under the will of God and also actively growing that indivisible Nigerian spirit that has enabled us, year after year, decade after decade, to weather all stormy waters and emerge stronger and better where others have fallen and disintegrated. This nation, this Nigeria will survive and thrive.

He assured Nigerians that his regime will face all challenges in the New Year head-on, adding that his regime will renew the hopes of citizens in the New Year.

The President said;

In this journey to nationhood, we have experienced the highs and lows. 2020 indeed came with a lot of challenges ranging from security and economic issues across the regions to understandable protests that were mainly led by our youths and served notice to the demand for police reforms and accountability. This government heard, this government listened and this government is committed to fulfilling the five demands of our youths, fully understanding that we all wish well for Nigeria.

President Buhari stressed;

In the midst of all these challenges, I had initially pledged that as your elected President and Commander-in-Chief, I would ensure that these ongoing challenges will be faced head-on with renewed determination and with all the appropriateness and urgency required. Your voices have been heard and we would continue to listen to you, and all the key stakeholders who are committed to the unity of Nigeria to ensure that every region of this nation is safe for us all, while guaranteeing that the future is also secure for the coming generation.

The President added;

The year 2021 will indeed be a year where we will work to reinforce the hopes of fellow Nigerians in the vision of a united and progressive Nigeria. This administration would continue focusing on delivering key strategic priorities under our “SEA” – (Security, Economy and Anti-Corruption) Agenda.

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