Breaking: ASUU Suspends Nine-Month-Old Strike


president, Abiodun OgunyemiAcademic Staff Union of University (ASUU) has on Wednesday “conditionally” suspended its strike, ending a protracted industrial action that started since March 2020.

ASUU National President, Biodun Ogunyemi made the announcement during a briefing of the union in Abuja, explaining that the development followed with its National Executive Council (NEC).

While warning that the union would return to strike without notice if the government fails in meeting its part of the agreement reached with the university lecturers, Ogunyemi noted that the reopening of the schools, considering the COVID-19 pandemic, lies with the Federal Government and Senate.

The union said it has suspended the nine-month-old strike while it monitors the compliance level of the federal government on the concessions the latter has made.

On when full resumption would be ensured in light of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the country, Mr Ogunyemi expressed that lecturers were ready to resume as long full health measures are put in place.

He added,

As far as we are concerned, we are ready to resume work. Let the government do what is needed to ensure safety. We insist that the COVID-19 protocol should be observed.

On the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) tussle, ASUU boss noted that both parties have agreed on the University Transparency Account System (UTAS), noting, however, that the university lecturers’ salary arrears will be paid by the government on a different platform.

On Tuesday, the Federal Government had expressed optimism that ASUU will soon return to the classroom after a meeting with the lecturers.

The meeting came a month after the Federal Government offered a cumulative N65 billion to the lecturers to address earned academic allowances and revitalisation of universities.

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  1. Omazcourt says

    A whole session gone. I weep for Nigeria my country. It is heart wrenching that our leaders are senseless and insensitive. Allowing this strike to linger, and owing lecturers 8months salary: amidst the
    concomitatnt corona virus annihilation. These lecturers have families who depend on them. Since my arrival in the United States, I know how many of my senior colleagues who call me daily to beg for money to atleast feed their families. I don’t know how God will reward Nigerian leadership, but I pray He shows no mercy, rather He should mete equal level of cruelty on these leaders.

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