Femi Fani-Kayode Demands N2bn From Blogger Over Libellous Report About Separation From Wife

Femi Fani-Kayode and his wife, Precious Chikwendu
Femi Fani-Kayode and his wife, Precious Chikwendu

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, has threatened to sue Stella Dimoko Korkus, a blogger, over a report on the latter’s platform alleging domestic violence against his wife, Precious Chikwendu.

The couple, who are parents to four sons, including a set of two-year-old triplets, have been married since 2014.

On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Fani-Kayode separated from wife after six years of marriage and four sons.

Although family sources confirmed the spilt on Thursday, they denied that it was as a result of the minister physically assaulting his wife, as against report on Stella’s blog.

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Stella’s blog claimed Chikwendu moved out without her sons and that the ex-minister took over the kids, put them under the care of a nanny, and forbade his estranged wife from coming near their house.

The report also alleged that the triplet sons of the minister may not have been fathered by him as they were conceived through IVF and Precious had demanded a DNA test.

However, in a letter signed by his lawyer, Mr. Adeola Adedipe, dated September 16, the former minister described the report as preposterous.

The letter titled, ‘Defamation of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode- Re: Femi Fani-Kayode and Precious Chikwendu Part Ways Over Alleged Domestic Violence’, stated that the allegations were spurious and maliciously engineered.

The court documents showed that Fani-Kayode threatened legal action against Stella if the claims made in her report are not retracted.

His lawyers also demanded that the blogger enters into negotiation with Fani-Kayode for N2 billion as a token for their patience while publishing an apology in two national dallies within 14 days.

The document reads;

The publication undoubtedly portrays our client as a hypocrite, wife-beater, cruel and violent man. You also represented that the paternity of his sons (triplets) should be put in question, on account of some reasons you have elected to make the public believe are true.

Our Client denies these weighty allegations, as he posits that they are not only spurious, but they have been maliciously engineered. He is more particularly disturbed about your rendition, which insults the sensibilities of unsuspecting lovers of your blog across the world.

It added;

For example, you noted that: ‘According to the insiders, as she moved out. the former Minister took back the car gift and all the goodies he ever bought for her whilst they were married and has left her broke, penniless, and begging for money to survive as her accounts were seized as well.

The curiosity of our Client has been raised in this regard, knowing fully-well that a bank account is not a tangible commodity that is capable of being seized. How meg was he able to seize a bank account belonging to his wife? This puts a lot of apparent discredit to your claims.

The document further reads;

Of utmost concern is the public invitation to debate on the paternity of his sons (triplets). These are children, who are yet to discern good from evil but have been made to become the focus of public spectacle and ridicule. Apart from the fact that these claims are completely false, you will agree with us that they are not fair comments, by any known standard of third party expressions.

Our client is aggrieved and has instructed us to draw your attention to these libellous breaches on his person and family. By this publication, our client has received denigrating phone calls and messages across the globe, by virtue of which he now suffers an immeasurable loss of goodwill.

It stated;

He (Fani-Kayode) is inclined to draw a curtain on the wild claims if you retract the allegations on the same platforms they were published and apologise to him in two national dailies. You’re also advised to enter into negotiations with us for the sum of Two Billion Naira, being a token for patience.

Please bear in mind that you have 14 days from the receipt of this letter to comply with the highlighted mitigating measures, the failure of which will leave our client with no preferring alternative than to seek redress in court.

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