“Preach The Truth, Stop Embarrassing God” – 2face Idibia Blasts Pastors And Imams On Twitter

2face Idibia
2face Idibia

Legendary Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia, also known as 2baba has blasted religious leaders for failing in their duties towards their followers.

The superstar took to social media via his Twitter page to bare his mind on various issues ranging from religion to education.

2baba said Africa needs to change its education system which includes religion and ‘tribal nonsense’.

In another post, the singer berated pastors and imams, advising that they preach truth because one love is the only solution to unity.

2face addressed fans who continue to follow ‘men of God’ who do nothing to help them but keep collecting from their lean change.

2face berates religious leaders on Twitter

Directing addressing all religious leaders, 2face tweeted;

Fuck all PASTORS & IMAMS and all so called MEN of God!! GOOD is GOOD and BAD is BAD Preach TRUTH. Don’t be embarrassing GOD every where.

2face berates religious leaders on Twitter

The iconic singer also reacted to the reduction of funds allocated to health and education sector in the 2020 revised budget proposal.

It would be recalled that on Wednesday, Federal Government in the revised budget proposal allocated N27.7bn for the renovation of the National Assembly complex, while budget for Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) was reduced from N44.4bn to N25.5bn (cut by more than 42.5 per cent). 

The budget for Universal Basic Education (UBE) was also significantly reduced from N111.7bn to N51.1bn (more than 54.2 per cent).

The amended budget, due to the drop in the price of crude oil and a fall in the projected government revenue, sparked outrage on social media.

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In his reaction, 2baba tweeted;

The sudden outburst from the music icon can be ascribed to recent happenings in the country ranging from recurring rape incidents, police brutality, recent killings in Southern Kaduna communities, coronavirus pandemic among other issues ongoing in the Nigeria and around the world.

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