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“Why We Have A Lot Of Badly Edited Movies In Nigeria” – Nigerian Video Editor, Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa


“Why We Have A Lot Of Badly Edited Movies In Nigeria” – Nigerian Video Editor, Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa

“Why We Have A Lot Of Badly Edited Movies In Nigeria” – Nigerian Video Editor, Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa
The Nigerian movie industry, popularly known as Nollywood, has evolve over the years, and while we are proud of the progress made so far; movie lovers are constantly miffed over the incessant egregiously edited films that filmmakers shove down their throats. Speaking on the issue, up coming Nollywood video editor, Mark Etinosa Okun said that the increase rate of badly edited movies in Nigeria can be attributed to film makers’ unwillingness to pay for quality services among others.
Etinosa made this known in an exclusive interview with See excerpts below;
May we meet you?
I’m Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa from Edo state and currently based in Asaba. I’m a graduate of Chemical and Polymer engineering from Lagos state university, Ojo.
Are you married?
No, not yet.
How long have you been a video editor?
2 years now.
What inspired you to become a video editor?
My imaginative mind; my ability to make something good out of nothing, I see things others don’t see. With that to my advantage, I’m able to turn a rough, scattered footage into something beautiful and entertaining that people will enjoy.
What does your work entail?
Video editing involves working on film footage for all types of projects such as movies, TV shows, commercials or internet-based media. To do this, I have to work very closely with the film or commercial director to ensure the editing goes with what the director has envisioned the final result to look like.
Can you tell us about some of the jobs that you have done?
I have worked on many jobs as assistant video editor where most of the work load was on me. For movies, I have two jobs to my credit. The first one is “Edward daughters”, which will be out soonest, it’s produced by Jacob Esorea and featured, Nosa Rex, Uju Okoli, Joyce Kalu and a host of other incredible actors. The other one which I’m working on presently is titled, “why me” produced by Solo Apete and features star actors like Charles Inojie, Mercy Johnson Okojie, and so on. Watch out for it.
I was on the set of “the fastest shedder” Nigeria’s no. 1 weight loss reality show produced by Seyi Olusore Shedams, as one of the two video editors.
What are the challenges you face as a video editor?
One of the biggest challenges video editors face in this part of the world is power supply. The cost of running generator or installing solar systems that can give efficient power supply is expensive. Another challenge is pricing. I’m one video editor that pays attention to details. You can say I am a perfectionist. I pride myself in delivering quality jobs that will not only meet but beat the director’s expectations. It’s a very arduous and time consuming job – one that requires blood, sweat and tears. But the pay does not match the work and it can be discouraging. That’s why we have a lot of rushed movies (badly edited) on our cable television where you see so many obvious mistakes and unprofessional edit.
What do you think should be done to ensure that the issue of badly edited movies is a thing of the past?
Although one of the qualities of a good editor is time management, but good things takes time. A Bad edit is mostly costed by insufficient time. So much pressure on editors to finish within stipulated times which ordinarily can’t produce best result. Creativity takes time. Insufficient time for post production gives room for avoidable errors.
Also, If our broadcast satellite providers and social media platforms have firm terms and conditions which accepts only Quality films, film makers will have no other choice but to abide by them by putting resources together to make sure they give their best in terms of production. It should be about Quality not Quantity.
“Why We Have A Lot Of Badly Edited Movies In Nigeria” – Nigerian Video Editor, Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa
How financially rewarding would you say your job is?
In other part of the world, very rewarding; but in Nigeria, not so rewarding due to obvious reasons.
What is your biggest aspiration as a video editor?
To be able to work on the post production of a movie that can compete with that of Hollywood and Bollywood. This aforementioned movie industries are result oriented. They pay attention to details and spend ample time in post production. They put in so much resource to make sure they get exactly the best. Their level of creativity is exceptional. So I aspire to work in a setting were film is done not for survival (the money) but for fulfillment.
Aside being a video editor what else do you do?
I am a music minister/instrumentalist; a graphics designer, dramatist and a counselor.
Are there people you look up to in your field?
Sunday Ayemere (he is young, creative and a goal getter)
What advice would you give to anyone who is aspiring to be a video editor?
Be ready to sacrifice your time, your sleep, your money, etc. You need to be a good researcher. Be ready to learn new methods of doing things. Make YouTube your friend. You will get tired at some point, but see the goal ahead of you. Satisfaction will come afterward. Don’t work for survival but rather, for fulfillment. It will always look complex at the beginning, but just start. Starting is the hardest part for any project.
What’s your biggest life lesson?
Don’t rely on anyone but yourself. I learnt this the hard way.
What’s your biggest life regrets?
I have no regrets, just lessons learnt.
If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
I’ve a lot of life’s lessons from my past. Bitter-sweet lessons that have inspired me one way or the other and have helped mold me into the person I am today. Of course, there are things that didn’t go as planned and there are situations where I could have done things differently but there’s nothing I would change really, because my life is a journey and I am learning every day.
What’s your take on social media; is it a blessing or a curse?
To me, and because of what I do, it is a blessing. It is subjective though.
What’s your favourite social media network? And how has it helped you in your career?
I learnt almost everything I know in video editing and graphics designs via YouTube. So it’s YouTube over all, any day, any time *laughs*
Tell us something you have never told anyone?
I have never told anyone that there’s nothing I have never told anyone. You guys are the first *wink*
“Why We Have A Lot Of Badly Edited Movies In Nigeria” – Nigerian Video Editor, Mark Etinosa Okunzuwa
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