When You Are Faced With A Problem, What Drives You Or Motivates You To Get Over it?


When You Are Faced With A Problem, What Drives You Or Motivates You To Get Over it?

I answered the question on Quora and decided to share here. Read below:

When You Are Faced With A Problem, What Drives You Or Motivates You To Get Over it?

In life there will always be ups and downs. There’s a an ebb, a flow of things. We can’t have the highs without the lows and vice versa. So against this backdrop this is how you can be motivated to get over a problem:

  1. There is nothing like failure, everything is perspective: when faced with any problem or challenge, there are two out comes- failure or success. If you succeed good, if you don’t you pick the lessons from the failure, learn from it and apply it in future. Learning from bad experiences really builds strength of character. Sadly many people fail to learn or see their problems as an opportunity to learn.
  2. Someone somewhere has it worse: No matter what you think you’re going through, or how challenging the problem is, there is someone, somewhere who has it worse. This may not be an easy reality to face when dealing with a problem, but once you’ve conditioned your mind to understand this fact (even before things get dire), the realisation in the face of a problem can be comforting.
  3. Gratitude: Isolate the problem and try to look at your life holistically. You’d find that that problem is really nothing compared to all or some other things you have going on for you. The problem is that most people get so carried away with one issue and forget everything else that is ok while panicking about a problem. This small shift in perspective, i.e taking stock and being thankful for the other things can make a world of difference.
  4. Consciously analyse the problem: Try to look intently at what you’re experiencing. Could it have been avoided? Are you contributing to making it worse by your behaviour? What lessons can you learn to make you a better person? Can you flip it in a way that the problem or obstacle will end up benefiting you?
  5. Everything will be ok in end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end: Realise that you’ve encountered many problems in the past and you didn’t die. You are still here being your strong badass self and you probably can’t remember some of the obstacles or problems you dealt with a year ago. Trust that somehow time will work everything out, because it always does. Somehow the problem will be a thing of the past and life will go on.
  6. The fact that God makes everything work out for my good one way or the other: This might not be for everyone, but having this mindset has created a positive shift in how I see problems and deal with them.

This is my first answer here on Quora. I hope it helps someone ☺️😊✍🏽

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