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“You Can’t Make Money And Get Fame Simultaneously, You Have To Pick One” — Upcoming Nollywood actor, Jacob Esorae


“You Can’t Make Money And Get Fame Simultaneously, You Have To Pick One” — Upcoming Nollywood actor, Jacob Esorae

Jacob Esorae
Upcoming Nollywood actor and producer, Jacob Esorae has said money and fame do not go hand-in-hand and as someone in the entertainment industry, you have to pick one. The CEO of B Jakes production said this in an exclusive interview with See excerpts below…
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jacob Esorae. I am the CEO of Bryan Jacobs Nig. Ltd and B Jakes production. I am a contractor, farmer, actor and also a movie producer in Nollywood. I am from Benin city, Edo state.
Are you married?
Yes, I am married with two kids.
When and how did you get into acting?
I have always been a friend to the industry even before I joined Nollywood last year. I always follow my friend Nosa Rex to location and that was how I fell In love with acting. Although I am still in the learning process.
Did you acquire any formal training in acting or producing?
I didn’t acquire any training. As I said, I am still in the learning process but who knows in the nearest future I might go into a film school.
How many movies have you starred in/directed so far?
I have featured in like 5 movies. I produced one of them which is yet to be released, the title is the Edward daughters.
Are you currently working on any project?
I just finished the movie Edward daughters and we are presently in the post-production. But I am planning for another big project which is coming anytime from now.
What kind of roles have you performed throughout your career? Are you satisfied with them?
I have played a lover boy and I am looking forward to playing more intense characters. I just started so I believe more to come.
Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve as an actor and producer?
As an actor, I will love to improve in my expression and lines modulation and as a producer, I will love to improve in production management and achieving a good movie.
What are your strong and weak points when it comes to acting?
Delivering my lines in a scene with a superstar actor. I get a little nervous sometimes.
What is your experience in the field of professional acting?
The experience has been great. Seeing the professionals do it like it’s nothing with ease.
What is the hardest part of being in the entertainment industry?
The hardest part is getting the right connection and rolling with the right people to show you the right thing and way to go.
Which of your senior colleagues inspire you the most? And what have you learned from them?
Nosa Rex inspired me a whole lot. I love the way he balances family and work. Also, I was there when he started and seeing him grow right before my very eyes is an inspiration. He is evidence that hard work pays.
How do you think movie stars handle their popularity?
Well I know it’s not easy. I have lots of friends who are stars and I see how they try to manage it. Separating work from family and their personal lives. It’s not an easy thing. God help me when my time comes. Lol.
What are some of the ups and downs of being in the movie industry
Actually, money sometimes is a problem because when you get in you won’t make money. You can’t make money and fame at the same time. So when chasing fame you need a back up somewhere. When you don’t have it. It becomes a problem.
Is it true that you have to change yourself in order to be accepted into the entertainment business?
The truth is the entertainment world is another life on its own. I think you have to adjust in some way just to fit in. When you have your say then you can readjust.
Which of your senior colleagues that you can’t wait to work with?
I can’t wait to work with Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) and Nosa Rex.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
5 years from now, I will be bigger than this in the industry. I will be producing movies that the world will talk about.
About how long is the average amount of time before an actor actually gets a job?
No specific time. If he or she goes for an audition and he or she is picked. They will give them time for the shoot. After that than another. That’s how it goes.
Is it hard even after you get one job to keep getting roles in other things?
No, it’s not hard. As long as you can balance it.
What is a good age to begin to pursue your acting career?
Well to me I will say, no age limit. Because we also have kid actors. But my advice is, take it fully serious after school.
What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an actor/producer?
I will advise that they follow their dreams and make the move. Most importantly leave your comfort zones. Big things don’t happen in your comfort zone.
Tell us something you have never told anyone
(Laughs) I don’t think there is anything about me that my wife doesn’t know. She knows everything.
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