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Refuse To Sacrifice Greatness On The Altar Of Good


I was somewhere were two ladies were having a conversation.
One was complaining to the other bitterly about her boyfriend who wasn’t into her, but because she was afraid of loneliness, decided to still stay with him.

“Why not end it?”
The other Lady who listened quietly all the while finally said, looking sympathetically at her friend.
“I ordinarily wouldn’t have said this, but I just know you deserve better. You can get better. Being alone while waiting for that to happen might be hard, but the end is always worth it babe.” she added.

I stood just behind them thinking about the advice the Lady just gave her friend, then looked towards the other Lady who was complaining about her boyfriend. First thing I noticed was how beautiful she was, but her beauty didn’t mask the fear and uncertainty in her eyes. She seemed lost, like she wanted more but somehow could’t bring herself to try to reach for it.

“I’d try dear, its not easy, but I’d try…” she muttered to her friend’s advice, but deep down I didn’t think she was ready. Her friend just nodded with understanding even as she hugged her. And just like me, she seemed to know that she wasn’t ready to make that big decision yet.

Many people are like Lady A, who know what exactly they need to do but just can’t sum up the courage to make the move. We find ourselves in situations that make us feel stuck, but in reality uncertainty and fear of the unknown keeps us rooted to one spot, too afraid to make a move. The truth is in life, nothing good comes easy. And if you want better, or great, you must be ready to take risks, walk alone, be uncomfortable and conquer fear of the unknown.

Because of this fear, many people have sacrificed greatness on the altar of good or even mediocrity. Consoled sometimes by immediate gratification, they prefer to remain in situations that are no where close to where or what they deserve or can be. And this doesn’t just apply to relationships, it could relate to getting a new job, starting a new business, acquiring a skill or just doing something you’re passionate about that you’re afraid to attempt. It takes guts, grit to face the unknown and toughen it out. No one ever said anything great would be easy, we just know it is usually worth it.

So for instance, if you’re feeling stuck at your current job, and want something else, take the bold step. Before you do however, ensure that you’ve saved up, done a bit of research at least on what you want to do or what you’re passionate about. If you’re in a bad relationship, where your partner disrespects you, doesn’t give you what you need or bring anything meaningful to that relationship, please let him or her go. Being single and discovering yourself while the right person comes along isn’t a bad thing.

Often times you know it in your heart when you need to let something go in your life to give room for better or great. Don’t be afraid to give it a chance, strengthen your resolve, and just do it. Because in the end, you’d be glad you tried at least, without regrets. But most importantly, daring to pursue better often leads to self discovery and greatness, the type that never comes from been comfortable with good or OK. So give it a shot. Dare to move ahead, dare to pursue better, aspire to greatness! You Can.

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