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7 Cool Things That Will Make You A Better Person


7 Cool Things That Will Make You A Better Person

One of the most important things about life is growth, and consistent effort to be better than the person we were yesterday. Here for 7 cool things that make you better.

1) Writing thank you notes: This will always leave a good impression in the mind of the receiver. It shows that you are thoughtful and pay attention to detail. It also makes the receiver feel that you’re grateful for whatever it is they did for you.

2)Learning and remembering people’s names: It makes people feel special and that you pay attention. If you do a job that requires you meeting a lot of people, make conscious effort to remember names and make small talk when you meet those people again. People usually expect you to forget. Surprise them pleasantly by doing the opposite.

3) Showing up on time: I’m constantly working on being better at this because I know just how important it is. In fact knowing the importance of time is the reason why I’m making conscious effort to do so regardless of whether or not an event will start in time. Aside being seen as responsible, people notice when you keep you time and this could open doors when you least expect it.

4) Being a good listener: In a vain world where most people want to talk about themselves, being a good listener is a gift. This quality deserves a whole article on its own to emphasise it’s importance. When you listen and listen well, people find you amiable, and equable. It also helps you become better at conflict resolution because most people listen to respond and not to understand. Learn to listen more and you’d be surprised the things you will learn, especially about people.

4) Admitting you’re wrong: This takes more strength than actually been blindly stubborn. It takes a person who has won the battle against their ego to apologise and admit a wrong. Many people don’t do this, rather they will try to do things to pacify the aggrieved person without actually talking about it, apologising or admitting the wrong. This is one of the things that break friendships and even relationships up when not quickly nipped in the bud. Tame your ego, learn to apologise and admit it when you are wrong. And even sometimes when you’re not, learn to apologise for the sake of peace if you value that relationship and respect the other person.

4) Random Acts of Kindness: This is so gratifying, at least for me. Once in a while, try to do something nice for someone you know can never pay you back. The smile on the face of the recipient could brighten up your whole day>

5) Learning a new skill: I recently read the book Digital Minimalism by Carl Newport and it gave me a different view of learning new skills and the importance of high quality leisure. If you commit to learning new skill you enjoy, especially one that requires your attention, creativity and brain power, the results are very rewarding. Aside the fact that it can help you break the circle of social media addiction, you may discover a that your new found hobby could be something that would take you on a career path you never thought you needed and make you more money than you ever dreamt off. The year is just half way. There’s still more than enough time for you to commit to learning a new skill and putting your heart into it.

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