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Lady Shares Interesting Method She Uses To Make Cook Stew

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Lady Shares Interesting Method She Uses To Make Cook Stew

Lady Shares Interesting Method She Uses Make Cook Stew

To the average person who cooks, there is a general method of cooking stew in Nigeria, which involves blending the pepper, boiling and/or frying. At least this is the method I have always used to make finger leaking stew, lol.

But a Nigeria Lady on micro blogging social networking site Twitter has shared an interesting, different method she uses to make stew, which I have never heard of, prior to seeing her tweet. According to her, instead of blending then boiling the pepper, she boils the pepper raw, then blends.

Some curious Twitter users asked some valid questions, amidst admitting that it was a cooking method they had never heard before and were willing to give it a try. One of the questions was whether or not the pepper would loose all its nutrients in the pre boiling process. The Lady Louisa Agunbiade responded:

When you boil after blending , it’s exactly the same thing as boiling before blending…you are not required to boil after you’ve blended it…just proceed to make your stew…you cook it for about 10 to 15 minutes so there’s no nutrient getting lost.

Another Twitter user asked if she blends the pepper with the water used for boiling, to which she responded:

I actually let mine get burnt a kit for extra flavor, doesn’t need extra water since it’s soft from boiling, but if it doesn’t blend, add jut a drop of water to get it going .

It is interesting to note that in some responses to her tweet, some Twitter users while acknowledging the method suggested that one can take this method of cooking stew a step further. They opined that the taste of the stew gets an even better flavour by grilling or even baking the pepper before blending. Others suggested that after the boiling, the pepper should be grated or manually grinded using local means or grinding stone for even better taste.

Have you ever heard of this method to cook stew? If no, will you be giving it a try???

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