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Here’s Why Lighting Africa’s #IDonDeyShine Is Creating Excitement Around Solar


Here’s Why Lighting Africa’s #IDonDeyShine Is Creating Excitement Around Solar

Just a few days ago we were ecstatic about the New Year and went all out to usher it in. Now the excitement is over, and everyone (including electricity distribution companies) is back to his or her routine. We are back to dealing with the usual stuff, like returning home to power outages and coping with the fumes, noise and the health strain coming from reliance on harzadous alternative lighting sources. It is against this backdrop that Lighting Africa-Nigeria is giving us something to cheer about with its recently launched #IDonDeyShine solar campaign.

The campaign is creating more and more awareness on the ready availability of affordable quality-verified solar lamps and home systems, a cost-saving and healthier alternative to grid electricity, which is grossly insufficient and unreliable in our country. This couldn’t have come at a better time considering the fact that the recurring expense of fuelling and using various other lighting sources is biting harder on the pocket of the average Nigerian.

We hear that the Lighting Africa-verified solar products, which are simply recharged by exposure to sunlight, is bringing ease to many Nigerians, especially artisans and low income earners, by aiding them to light up their homes and power basic home appliances in a cost-effective way. The fact that these quality-verified solar-powered lanterns can even be purchased online is just so exciting.

In a viral testimonial video, Mrs Elizabeth Ugwa, a petty tailor who lives in the Alapere, area of Lagos, testifies of her experience with her Lighting Africa-quality verified solar lamp, which she acquired two years ago. According to her, before then, she was forced to regularly buy fake rechargeable lamps which end up packing up after a few days. But the quality-verified solar lamp has afforded her a cost-saving and more effective means to more productive hours, which she needed to get her job done. Add that to the fact that it generally lights up her home and aids her boy in doing his home work.
The good news is that these better, cleaner, safer and more cost-effective off-grid electricity and lighting products are available for millions of people living in rural and peri-urban populations, who might have little or no access to the grid. They can now permanently cut ties with their dark past with a one-time purchase, since the products are routinely recharged by the sunlight.

Like Mrs Ugwa, many Nigerians are really excited about the #IDonDeyShine campaign and are embracing the use of solar lanterns to improve their quality of life. This is the aim of the campaign and the reason why Lighting Africa-Nigeria continues to partner with a number of manufacturers, including Greenlight Planet, VillageBoom, Smarter Grid, d.light solar, ovSolar and Voltze, whose solar products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards and still undergo routine market check testing, alongside a large network of distributors and retailers around the country. With more awareness being created for clean, modern and affordable lighting sources like these, Lighting Africa-Nigeria has gone further to tackle one of the barriers to the adoption, by making these quality-verified solar products readily available with just a few clicks. You may click to browse products and make a purchase now.

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