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Cocacola Nigeria Reaffirms Dedication To Excellence, Holds Bloggers Plant Tour

Bloggers at the Cocacola PlantTour
Blogger fully kitted pose for a photo with officials before the plant tour

I love Coke.

Especially bottled coke( I have always felt that pet coke is a watered down version lol).
Infact it was almost an addiction, as nothing tasted as good as food with a bottle of 50 cl coke for me. The best food combo as far as I am concerned is Gbegiri, ewedu and Amala, with Coke to step down. I can’t even begin to describe the satisfaction lol. But with age and weight loss goals, I toned down generally the consumption of frizzy drinks. However on my cheat days, Coke will always be my first love.

Against this back drop, you can imagine how enthusiastic I was when I got an invite to tour Cocacola’s biggest plant in Africa. And the outing turned out to be even more inciteful and interesting than I had envisaged.

The first and perhaps one of the most notable things about this visit was the exam I had to take before entering into the main premises. Yes, you read right, an exam. At the reception, my colleagues and I were asked to watch a safety precaution video which most of us didn’t take seriously at first because we were exchanging pleasantries. However, after watching the video and I was presented with a question paper bordering on the safety precaution video, I knew I had to pay attention. I was also told that answering the questions correctly was a prerequisite for the plant tour. Upon watching the video the second time I watched attentively  and passed ‘the exam’ . I must say I was very impressed with how seriously the Nigerian Bottling Company-bottlers of Cocacola, took safety precautions and international, standard practices of safety.

Before the plant tour commenced, a press conference was held were we were given a brief history of the company. We were told that the Nigerian Bottling Company is a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC). NBC was incorporated in 1951 as a subsidiary of AG Leventis as a distributor and bottler of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria. NBC began bottling operations in 1953 at the Basement of Mainland hotline Ebutte Metta. Today however the company has recorded gargantuan growth, and has come a long way from its humble beginnings at the basement in Ebutte-mett,a Lagos.
Today, Cocacola Nigeria has:

    • 9 Production Sites
    • 29 Distribution Depots
    • 1,000 Suppliers (90% Local SMEs)
    • 3,550 Full Term Employees
    • 700,000 Distribution Partners

And hopes to increase its production out put even more in the next threes years.

Historic Milestones (1951 – 2000)
Historic Milestones (1951


During the press conference, we( Bloggers in attendance) were also intimated on the great work the NBC has been doing to improve the lives of people in different communities around Nigeria in line with the company’s mission to

To refresh consumers, partner with customers, reward stakeholders and enrich  the lives of local communities.

Some of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility projects like:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Water Stewardship
  • Environment
  • Education &Youth Development etc.

After the Press conference we were taken on a tour of the plant, where we saw first hand the bottling of plastic/pet coke, pulpy and other drinks by Cocacola. We saw where the bottles where filled, palletted and packaged. Again I noticed that NBC ensured international standard practises of safety and hygiene , and I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the plant.

Over all, the plant tour was educative and insightful. I learnt new things about Cocacola, and the fact that more than anything else, the company continues to put first Customer satisfaction, without compromising on standard. From their different Coke variants eg Classic Coke and Zero sugar Coke for instance, Cocacola ensures that customers can chose which is preferable after considering their health status.

The tour ended with the company reemphasising its dedication to quality service delivery, as it  promised to continued to do even more as regards their Corporate Social Responsibility.

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